Our regular schedule of activities is shown below. There may be occasional additions or changes to these for special events – for example, the Hands up to Music group may perform for an audience, and our Upcycling students always enjoy selling their wares at events such as Epping’s May Fayre! And of course weather and public holidays may impact classes. Contact us for the latest timetable.

Monday11am-3pmACE Sports and GardeningGrange Farm Centre *
Tuesday1pm-3pmACE ArtsGrange Farm Centre
Wednesday10am-2:30pmACE Cooking with ConfidenceGrange Farm Centre
Wednesday10am-3pmACE UpcyclingRiverside Timber Recycling
Thursday11am-3pmACE Gardening and ConservationGrange Farm / Roding Valley Meadows *
Friday10am-3pmACE UpcyclingBower Hill, Epping
Friday1pm-3pmACE Hands up to MusicGrange Farm Centre

* Transport available to and from home depending on home location